Thursday, March 2, 2017

Our Class Recount - By Room 26

Going Shopping at the Supermarket

“Hurry up and get in the car, we’re going to the supermarket” exclaimed my mum. My mum pushed me into the car and there was nothing I could have done to get out of it. It was a rainy Sunday afternoon when my mum, my dad and I drove to PAK’nSAVE to buy some delicious food for the week. I absolutely despised shopping more than I hated cleaning the house!

First, we arrived at PAK’nSAVE and we got a trolley. Our trolley was as rickety as a broken, rusty car. We had to use all of our strength to push the trolley through the bars at the entrance. I felt so embarrassed that I turned as red as a tomato.

After that, we trudged through the aisles. While we shuffled as slowly as an elderly person through the aisles, we searched for the food that was on our list. The rain sounded like a giant was thumping his feet on the roof. As we walked past the food my stomach rumbled, I felt so hungry.

To top it off we strolled to the check out to scan our expensive food and the milk spilt all over the ground. The milk looked like a bird had pooped all over the supermarket floor. I thought to myself, I am having a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day. As soon as the milk was cleaned up, I rushed to the car ready to go home.

When we got home, I decided that I would never go shopping again. I felt as exhausted as if I had sprinted a marathon.


  1. Hello Room 26 Warriors!

    I loved reading this class recount! That first paragraph really caught me and I needed to read the whole thing! Keep up the great work!

    Miss Cairns

  2. Room 26 ... I just loved reading this recount ... especially as I read it today .. raining raining raining outside ... and I hate going to the supermarket on a rainy day. I buy my groceries online now so it won't be me with the wobbly, rusty trolley or spilt milk and I won't get wet either!!! ... and I have a lovely, friendly supermarket man deliver them to my house instead.

    Mrs Kelly